We've been doing this since 2013 after a dramatic illness in '07 left us blessed with a supernatural sense of smell which we share through our perfumery. 

Initially focusing on natural perfumery we've upped our game studying modern perfumery using both natural and man-made molecules.

Agarwood takes center stage with our first new offerings  coming mid-April with Oud Elegance and Oud Elegance Rose.

Only premium materials are used in these fine fragrances.

Our duo of oud fragrances features a curated blend of  precious oils. 30 year-old Viet oil, Indian agarwood CO2 to really hit the base note and we are very proud to include a perfumer's blend distilled by the grail maker himself, Ensar Oud.

Also, expect animalics. 

Please hang out  for some banging modern perfumery. We're also upgrading our bottles, packaging and all the bells and whistles including the remaking of our bird. Ultra-luxe baby.

Other projects are in the pipeline, a tuberose oud attar in classic    sandalwood is on the horizon. Every day we diligently play with mad molecules, in the fall we're releasing new fragrances built from memories and mania. The Phoenix is rising again, follow us on Instagram @phoenicia22