Welcome to the land of Phoenicia. Natural fragrances and enhanced scents. Real, powerful oud, a smoky attar, organic alcohol and the best of both modern and classic perfumery. Find a bottle that has your name on it, or try all 3 scents and receive a $10 coupon for your first full bottle. Amazing florals, a variety of oud oils and other brilliant materials make our perfumes uniquely wearable. 

We are also formulating a new look at perfume using aroma chemistry and all the elelments that elevate modern perfume chemistry. Look for our sister/brother more mainstream fragrance line, MATTER, coming to you in a cool bottle, spring of 2020.

Pardon our appearance, we'll have new photos of all the products when the printer gets back from the bar and finishes our labels. All items should ship by November 19th. Thanks for stopping by. We can always be reached at