Phoenicia Perfumes pays homage to the mythical phoenix who rises from the ashes, symbolizing the rebirth and regeneration of the body and spirit. David Falsberg, creator and nose at Phoenicia, is a survivor. David lost his eyesight in 2007 after severe medical trauma caused by Stevens-Johnson syndrome, a life-threatening syndrome that literally causes the skin to burn from the inside out. However, this trauma was a blessing in disguise as he found his sense of smell had turned what David calls, “alpha dog”. He began to explore scents from an enhanced olfactory perspective, experiencing scent as sensory vibrations. After years of recovery and with his eyesight restored, David now uses his newfound gift to create fragrances with no boundaries nor limitations.

We continue to produce both natural and mixed media scents that are nothing less than groundbreakinng. Our spirit guide continues to inform us of new avant / artisan blends for your wearing pleasure All perfumes are EDP and over 80% of the oils, absolutes, ottos and ruhs contained in them are from highest quality natural products. Cafleurebon named Phoenicia "Best Discovery of 2013".

REALOUD: Garnered numerous awards in 2013 and will be featured in a major oud series on Fragrantica this February. Our next batch of oud has a distinct note of blue cheese for all lovers of skank. 

FAR NWEST: Named Best of Show at Elements Showcase by Cafleurebon is out now. The juice was inspired by childhood drives through the Olympic Rain Forest with narcotic woodsy notes, wafts of skunk spray & cepes with a rubbery accord reminiscent of the new tires on dad's '62 Rambler. 

MUSK CARGO: Currently in final formulation process, this beautiful, complex fragrance incorporates many important essences from the spice trade including a trio of musks, strong woodsy notes including santal and agarwood, topped with a dollop of geranium and petitgrain. Woodsy notes take time to open so look for it later this spring. 

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