Who are we, what we do?

Founderd in 2013 by sole proprietor David Falsberg, the brand celebrates our heightened olfactory gifts after 1 year of blindness xeyesight for 1-year after medical trauma. Originally an all-natural brand founded in 2013, today we create both mixed-media and 100% natural unisex fragrances.

Highly wearable, sometimes challenging is Phoenicia.

Where are the perfumes made?

Oils, resins, woods and florals are globally sourced. The fragrances are created in Queens, NY

along with a wide array of house-made tinctures.

Do we accept returns, how fast do we fulfill your orders?

For health and safety reasons our perfumes are non -returnable. However if any goods are damaged in transit we will refill or refundrence the item. Please send us a rec to verify this rare occurrence. All orders are shipped within 72 hours unless stated in the product page.

How much is shipping?

Tracked shipp Using within the UIvetaS is $10. Tracked shipping elsewhere is $35. All orders over $400 (excluding shipping) are free. 

We believe in transparency!

A complete list of important.perfume materials is provided. We make clear what is natural and what is made with aroma chemicals.

Do we do bespecial orders?

We offer bespoke perfumes, you may also add more oud to our agarwood oil perfumes.

Should you seek.more info purse fill in the form below and we'll get back to you fast. White glove service at all times.