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New batch hits the castoreum, oud and rose trifecta. 
Please allow me to introduce my latest fragrance creation, RealOud Flex. It is a modern state of being, intensely charged herbs and spices create the pathway into a bakhoor enriched garden of smoke, rich florals and rare woods.

Everything is blended harmoniously, sweet but not too much, FLEX shows off its regal facets in a calm clear fashion.

The fragrance opens with petitgrain, bitter citrus, and shiso oil, also powerful on its own but here the bitter  notes are quickly balanced with star anise and fennel.

Flex travels through many scents with oud and vanilla smoothly omnipresent yet never over indulgent. After the bitter citrus buzz, the fragrance veers onto a floral medley with indolic and damasc vibes (ylang complete, jasmine auricularum). Waves of patchouli, tarragon and sweet Viet crassna oud make beautiful patterns in my nose!

The synergestic roil of sweet oud plus Malay oud full of earth, caramel and toffee sustains the frageance in this alluring semi-sweet zone.  

And then a new synergy steps up, tree moss, civet and oud make a very alluring sour note that balances adroitly with the smear of vanilla and this pairing lasts for hours. Added a dab of benzoin...