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Bespoke Fragrance ~ 5 ML Dabber or 15 ML Extrait w/Sprayer

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Your chance to co-design a  bespoke personal attar using a wide range of my materials from my library of exalted oils. Your attar contains 1.5 ml of a blend of our Nagaland oud oil plus your choice of another oud that suits you. Stock changes quickly but Hindi funk, sweet toffee Thai, spicy SE Thai blended with sweet tobacco tincture,  leathery Laotian ouds are on hand and honeyed-wood Viet crassna. You will get 1 ml of sustainable E Timor santalum album and a nice drizzle of ultra-rare sandalwood root oil. Fine florals from Bulgaria, India and other exotic climes are for your selection. Finally, we'll help you choose the right animalics from our library, deer musks, beeswax, ambergris and much more. Leave the rest to us, with over a decade of attar-making skills we will exceed all expectations. All natural 100% oils, no fillers.

If you prefer the diffusive nature of a bespoke extrait (25%) in alcohol then select the Sprayer option. All the materials of the attar in a convenient modern spray bottle. 


Feel free to email us to start on your own attar or extrait: and put "Bespoke" in the subject line. 

The pictured bottle is not included.