Into the Rabbit Hole ~ Forays Within the Aroma Chemical Galaxy

>2013. So I created this gobsmacking perfume only to learn that a certain kind of honey made it pop and that at the end of the day this honey was gone, a bunch of fans begged for more and I had no idea how to replicate this natural perfume. Didn't know about buying every milliliter of this honey from every source possible, didn't know to put it in a mass spectrometer and see if there was a synthetic replication of it, just moved on with the idea that natural perfumery was a fickle beast and that the perfume forest was full of big, bad aroma chemicals that my college degree in economic history and my m.f.a. in self-immolation via New York nightlife provided no preparation for the leap into the deep end of the fragrance pool. 

>That was nine years ago and now I feel like a fledgling nose. Trials and tribulations included study with the "ghost perfumer", endless forays into The Good Scents Company's incredible accounts on every damn chemical that is being added to the library as my dog sleeps in the heat, in the winter, every day new additions to the aroma chemistry library of life. 

>It starts out with chypres and fougeres and seeing that one can produce things that smell good out of carbon-hydrogen lapdances. Trial and error goes from exciting formulas that fall apart like a damaged soufflé that invariably bruises the ego of hope to small beginnings, finding tried and true accords and tweaking their environs and even discoveries, an amber accord that makes people take pause and nod their heads when some primal pavlovian bell goes off, collective nods of appreciation and recognition. And that's what I want as a perfumer, not to confuse but still challenge the olfactory ozone in new ways designed through chemistry and spirit guidance.  

>We have stumbled gracefully upon an amber accord that is gooey rich and works wonderfully as a backdrop for many perfume scenarios and have created a trilogy of scents that will be the first releases of our new fragrance line Mattter, because it does...Each perfume represents a marker on Today's timeline, 9 am, Noon, and 9 pm. The day opens with leaves and amber - ethereal, goes fruity-floral (apricot, osmanthus and leather for lunch) and gets fully revved with 9 pm exploring some of the most modern aroma chemicals they are slinging out incessantly (yuzufest, snippets of magnolia and hedione, and amber with amber xtreme, Z11 and fir needlees. Really jazzy finale to a day in amber. Stay tuned, we are coming at you full force in the spring of 2020. Aroma chemistry from our unique nose to you.



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