Perfuming Cinema

We are slowly working our way through the cinematic library of works by Satyajit Ray, prolific film maker from what was then the Bengali region of India. Thanks to Hulu Plus for making so many of his works available. He captured the history of his emerging nation over the course of 35 films and is truly one of the greatest cinematic forces to be reckoned with. Music and culture are artfully exposed throughout his works while also dealing with social issues like class warfare, feminism and the power of Shiva to reek havoc on all who walk this earth. One of the greatest joys of perfume making is the ability to have olfactory reference to the earth - simply place your finger anywhere on the spinning globe and there are scents that are iindigenous to where your finger lands. For India we pulled out frangipani, santal, Indian agarwood (you know we love it!), vetiver and many spices such as cumin and started to blend. The hardest thing was giving up the mango tumeric and other Indian spices which react with such a degree of discord iwith other scents that even we demured. Right now we are sitting with something called "Champa Suite", exceptionally pleasant by our usual standards and that's just fine, squirrely carnations and luscious frangipani on a bed of santal, beeswax and agarwood. Time to iterate - between films of course