How many dimensions do we smell in?

If you answered less than three I've got a counter at Macy's with your name on it. I've got two kinds of dna pumping in these veins. One side sold shmattas on 7th Avenue and is still a hondler at heart. The other side dreams in 4 dimensions and smells in at least 3-and-a-half. Trying to create a brand while upholding the vibrational frequency of fragrances is a tough sell if I look at it through business wear lenses. I think Rucher Fleuri is a masterpiece that upholds the natural essence of a bouquet of flowers while adding just enough zingers to make that floral bouquet stay with you throughout your day. Perhaps you prefer rose oxide to bulgarian damascena? Perhaps you like your music in mono, perhaps you prefer your steak cubed, I believe wholeheartedly in new molecules but i believe there is no reason outside the greed factor to take twenty new molecules and try to recreate an old molecular accord that has enchanted queens and slaves for eons. Pardon me while I dream in technicolor.

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