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SandalOud ~ 10 ml Roller Ball

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Thanks to all who have participated in this oud odyssey. I've spilled many tolas in the name of love. Alas, wild oud has reached virtual extinction and sustainable farmed oud rarely stands beside the past. 


I had some Mysore sandalwood oil, at rest for eight years, also a long-resting tincture of Madagascar vanilla bean. Both tinctures in gourmand grape alcohol make for a warm platform of exaltation. SandalOud could be our last oud fragrance and one of our best. Experience the creamy backbone of Mysore sandalwood for yourself. 

Notes of nicely distilled plantation oud, vanilla bean tincture, a trace of florals (tuberose & zdravetz), Ruh Khus - a green distillation of wild Indian grass, a dab of spices, a load of natural, ethically harvested civet oil and creamy Mysore sandalwood. This is a very limited run of nine bottles. This is a strong perfume at 30% natural oils in grape alcohol. 

We need to focus on modern molecules in our next incarnation. Support enabled artistry while smelling regal like a Pharoah. 

This is a Limited Edition of 9 bottles. 

A free sample of our hot new amber accord made with aroma chemicals and playing a central role in next year's new fragrances, is included with each order.