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  • Hindi oud softened with florals, spices, hyraceum, deer musk, all natural.
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REALOUD 2022 - 15 or 30 ML Sprayer

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Back to our roots with Hindi oils exalted by loads of spices, florals and resins.a dash of Siam wood. Animalics  - 2 deer musk, hyraceum. It's the same panoply of soaked and clay-pot distilled oud oils. This batch is a little softer than previous versions as we ueed new barnyard and vintage zoo oils. All Hindi, all day.


(*Note: As the small batch diminishes we have added a Hindi accord made from fresh and funky sustainable Assam oud of high quality

blended with ruh khus, saffron, suganda, geranium, 

highest grade Tibetan deer musk, cedarwood China, Indonesian sandalwood roots and Siam wood. RealOud is a living creation of the highest calibre.)