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RealOud Smoke ~ 15 or 30 ML Sprayer

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Available now! We married a tincture of sweet tobacco w/SE Thai Oud and a big shot of osmanthus that is a cooling banana fruit flower. Using ionon

alpha natural isolate adds the whimsy of haute perfumery to the classic mukhallat. 



A potent pairing, the oud is an outlier for Thailand, spicy, eucalyptol wood. A highly resinous blend with an ozonic floral insistence, smokey incense vibe. Added small amount of Viet crassna for sweetness and rounding. 


All natural. 15 & 30 ml sprayers.this

This contains Thai Oud, there are no zooey facets.


Available now, drop- dead gorgeous 25% Extrait de Parfum. See sales link in bio.


Citrus (Orange-blood, petitgrain), clary sage

Spices (Saffron, cumin, pink pepper)

Florals (Rose damascus, osmanthus, jasmine)

Spicy Thai Oud, Sweet tobacco tincture, ionone-alpha natural, Frankincense, opopanax, vetiver, patchouli, Siam wood, sandalwood, shamama attar, amber, civet, Siberian musk.

Same RealOud intensity with a new oud profile.