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The Beguiling Glove Extrait - 10 & 15 ml Sprayer

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World - class Persian rose just added! 
Blooming roses reveal an intense, sweetness, as does the Laotian oud. But mystery and darkness hover in the wings as the rose gets deeper beyond its frothy opening. 
Sandalwood is the backdrop, the creamy glue that keeps order while enticing spices, opoponax, incense and a unique tincture of castoreum and vintage oud chips raise high the roof beams and in tandem with saffron exude warm leathery notes like the one glove that stays with you over time. A shot of ethical civet makes an appearance as well for that rose - civet voodoo.

This is an attar-inspired Extrait w/concentration @ 30%.

Here are the primary notes:
Indian sandalwood, Syrian & Moroccan rose absolute, Laotian oud, khus both wild green and deep Indonesian, tincture of wild vintage oud chips and castor sacs, red Persian saffron, incense and snippets of choya loban. 

A compelling blend with sweet and dark counterpoints.

Please support disabled artists. The complex beauty of this Extrait comes in 10 &  15 ml  bottle#.