• REALOUD  "April 2016" (Sample)

REALOUD "April 2016" (Sample)


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We have reasons to doubt there is more than a microscopic dab of real oud oil in any of the popular Western ouds that designers keep cranking out and the public keeps spraying. REALOUD is a sultan’s blend in the true tradition of Arabic perfumery. Phoenicia has spent countless months sourcing the most genuine materials to create this “mukhallat”, a symbiotic maceration without adherence to the Western scent pyramid. Phoenicia sources real Indian oud fermented in clay pots,, superior natural florals and so much more, authentic olfactory expedition that is unlike any hyped Western oud blend. This is a highly concentrated fragrance with amazing sillage and longevity. 

Notes: Traditional Clay Pot Hindi Oud, Kalimantan Oud, Assortment of Real Forals, Vetiver, Classic Spices, Animalics, all natural products, EDP.

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